Monique - Don't let that innocent look fool you, this sexy Spanish / French FootFighter brings 15 yrs of gymnastics expirience & Kickboxing talent to Deadly Feet. Her sexy size 6.5s can kick over your head & through your belly, keep an eye out for Monique !

Chanel - This 6ft tall FootFighter comes to us via France. Her punk rocker look and sexy size 9's(w/ flowered tattoo) can kick ass with the best of them...her specialty is Kickboxing.


Loni - Straight from the Hawaiian Islands, Loni's size 7 Feet are as hot as the weather & as cool as the water. Her size 7s are silky smooth. However, this girl can kick ass! Her tae kwon do skills are hot & she's always bare foot, now that's an island girl for you!